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    ivarez●, both of striking characteri▓zation in their grotesque ug●liness—the master will survive ●even the one-sided an

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    d exclusive cult of ●which he has been made the victim.● We will not set our minds agains▓t Velasquez's or Le

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    onardo's Mona Lisa just be▓cause they are to be found in all the exercises ▓of enraptured modern gosling▓s. I

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ay the return to▓ the master of perfection, Ra▓ffaelo Sanzio, as the inevitable requirement of ▓fashion, and his disciples w●ill add here their solemn amen.But the ▓eternal masters are above the gossip of salons ▓and fashions.

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    Sebastiano del Pi▓ombo is represented here by ●a most extraordinary Descent ●from the Cross,[Pg 67] Correggio by ▓the Madonna del Latte, Leonardo da ▓Vinci by the light blonde Madonna Litta, wh●ich, l

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    ike all the works of this master, is que▓stioned, but which bears his i▓mprint as much as any of his● works.Of Botticelli there is a ve▓ry well-preserved Adoration of the Mag●i, similar to the Florentine paint▓in

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    g.Likewise, here in all the minor ▓figures of the kneeling kings an▓d shepherds, and even of the horses, the●re is a perfection in the mastery of draw▓ing, the Madonna archaically over▓slender, with th

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    e thin neck of ▓the Primitivists, which, out of respect f▓or sacred tradition, the otherwise bol●d master did not dare meddle with.●Naturally, the modern art mockery see▓s in this defect of Botticell▓i's, account

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